What Is the Initial Investment?

Getting started as a MetaLife provider is easy and affordable

To come on board as a MetaLife® provider, a fee of $24,750 is required. Licensees will also pay a monthly technology fee of $89 per month.  The following is included for these fees:

  • Non-exclusive, non-transferable license to market and sell MetaLife products and services.
  • InBody® 570 Body Composition Analyzer with internal software and external associated printer.
  • Comprehensive on boarding training on the MetaLife system provided by the MetaLife Corporate Team consisting of training on operations, marketing, clinical and advertising.
  • Access to LookInBody cloud platform that compiles InBody data from all your participants who have been tested on your unit. This allows you to access all participant data from any location as well as back up their important clinical data.*
  • Interactive Health Coaching Platform used to communicate with your clients individually and as a group. Ability to utilize the Corporate Health Coaching team to conduct weekly classes and participant case management.
  • MetaLife Operations Manual consisting of office protocols, clinical support and communication manual.
  • MetaLife presentations for a MetaLife workshop and digital marketing assets
  • Weekly clinical and operational support calls.
  • Access to the Smart Practice® Marketing Resources for the MetaLife Program including brochures, posters, flyers, backdrops, etc.*


Like participating in the program itself, being a MetaLife provider means an ongoing commitment to learning and growing. MetaLife is anything but a “solution in a box,” and we are always reviewing our formulas and educational platforms to see how we can improve the offering. That includes constant input from providers, who can give that vital, “on the street” viewpoint that will help drive changes and improvements.

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