The MetaLife Difference

Ongoing engagement with providers sets a standard of support that’s both personal and effective

MetaLife is a lifestyle change, an empowerment system that’s designed to help participants achieve long-term health. That means it couldn’t be designed as the “one and done” type of weight loss kits and programs that have flooded the market. Rather, MetaLife is about creating a bond between provider and patient, as well as among the patients themselves, as they move through this journey.

“There is a weekly coaching component that is hugely valuable,” says Diane Van Acker, Assistant Director of Operations. “Someone is available to the patients going through the program all the time, so that they can make sure that they’re making good food choices, that they’re getting the right sleep, that they’re getting the exercise that they need. That coach is making recommendations for supplemental support, such as meditation or yoga. The goal is that the coach is fostering the good habits that are being put into place and building on those as they work through the program and then move beyond it.”

Program benefits meant to engage patients with providers for additional services and support

That relationship also provides an opportunity for practitioners to promote additional, complementary services to patients. That, in turn, can boost referrals and heighten community awareness of the facility and its offerings.

“The addition of MetaLife to your clinic will provide a number of different benefits,” says Dr. Joe Esposito, Founder and Formulator. “Not only improved patient outcomes and long-term results, but also improvements in revenue. MetaLife provides strong cash flow from the program itself, but it also aligns nicely with other products and services. Whether it be chiropractic, naturopathy or other health services, it allows that cross-referral. For instance, many people who are obese also suffer from chronic pain, depression, fatigue and hormone imbalance, issues that can be addressed by the provider.”

“MetaLife is much more than walking into a supplement store and buying the latest fat-burning stimulant,” adds Shonna Babrow-Goodrich, PhD, Senior Health Coach. “People realize that’s not the answer, and they want something different. That’s where MetaLife stands out. We have a product that works, and it’s a whole system. You’re given supplements, but you’re also coached about better choices. You’re taught how to buy and cook food. It’s a sustainable, lifelong program.”

MetaLife is a different kind of weight loss program, and so much more. Curious about how it can align with your current offerings? Click here so we can send you more information and be ready for any questions you may have.

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