The MetaLife Story

How a lifestyle empowerment system was created to assist those looking to lose weight

The goal for MetaLife® has always been simple: Transform people’s lives through an interactive, friendly and effective process that helps them lose weight and regain control of their lives. That’s great for the consumer, and it empowers the practitioners who are trying to build a business around creating a healthier, happier community.

“We created a weight loss system to help patients in our clinics who were struggling with not only obesity but most also suffered from chronic fatigue, mood disorders, insomnia and chronic pain. What started as a clinical quest to help patients achieve long term, sustainable weight loss, ended up becoming an incredible business opportunity.  MetaLife clinics receive three levels of impact:  excellent clinical results, word of mouth referrals and a strong revenue stream” says Dr. Joe Esposito, Founder and Formulator.

MetaLife takes a unique approach to the weight loss issue

MetaLife is one of the only systems on the market that measures not only body fat mass but also muscle mass. That’s key, because a majority of the programs on the market cause muscle loss during weight loss, which leads to rebound weight gain and doesn’t solve the underlying problem.

“The MetaLife system is designed to get your patients to become healthy, and a side effect of that is weight loss,” Esposito explains. “The MetaLife system has been proven clinically to provide outcomes in addition to long-term sustainable weight loss. Those deliverables are:

  •      increase energy
  •     enhance mood
  •     reduce pain
  •     improve sleep

The overall outcome we want to achieve in the MetaLife system is to help patients reach a state of optimal health. Of course, weight loss is the No. 1 deliverable they’re looking for that we’re going to achieve, but we also want them to experience the many benefits of achieving optimal health.”

Behavior modification is essential to short- and long-term success

The reason MetaLife is able to achieve sustainable long-term results is because the MetaLife system is designed to help patients change behavior. The behavior change is accomplished by the comprehensive MetaLife System providing a combination of both education and accountability. The education provides the why and the how and the accountability ensures the execution of the action steps.

“When we change their behaviors, we create long-term outcomes,” Dr. Esposito says. “It helps you by giving you a reputation in the community as the expert in natural health. The results are long-term; it’s not a fad diet. And it’s going to not only enhance your reputation, it’s also going to provide a massive number of referrals to all of your other service offerings.

Interested in becoming a MetaLife provider? Click here for more information, and we’ll be in touch to answer any questions you may have!

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